About the Open Library Foundation

The Open Library Foundation (the Foundation) was created in 2016 as an unbiased, independent not-for-profit organization designed to ensure the availability, accessibility and sustainability of open source and open access projects for and by libraries. The Foundation seeks to enable and support collaboration among librarians, technologists, designers, service providers and vendors to share expertise and resources and to create innovative new software and resources that support libraries. We believe that open discourse in a diverse and inclusive community will better identify and characterize challenges and opportunities, and enable paradigm-shifting solutions.

Software developed by projects hosted by the Foundation is freely available under an Apache v2 license to enable personal, institutional or commercial use, and to sustain an open collaboration of interested parties. The Foundation simply provides the infrastructure by which the library community at large can organize, contribute to, and benefit from our projects — ensuring availability and a “safe haven” for our projects’ output that is separated from the needs and goals of any single contributor, user or affiliated party.

Open Library Foundation Bylaws

Board Members

The Open Library Foundation is expanding its board with the introduction of four new board members. The new members bring global representation and perspective to the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board of Directors are:

  • David Carlson: Dean of Libraries and Provost, Texas A&M University (President)
  • Deborah Jakubs: University Librarian & Vice Provost for Library Affairs, Duke University
  • Kristin Antelman: University Librarian, California Institute of Technology
  • Qiang Zhu: Library Director at Peking University and Deputy Director of CALIS (China)
  • Ross MacIntyre: Head of Library Analytics Services at Jisc (U.K.)
  • Sam Brooks: Executive Vice President, EBSCO Information Services

Members of the Board of Directors are expected to contribute to Foundation projects providing their perspectives and guidance for community efforts.